From Genesis to prosperity

Pheme Consulting was founded in 2016 as part of the 500 year Plan of Patrick (aka DaBizDr)
Moraka. At the heart of the 500 Year Plan, is the intention to position Africa competitively high-up
in the Global Socio-Economic Scale. It was out of this ambitious dream that our Products and
Services were structured and bundled.

We are specialists in enterprise development, project management and stakeholder
engagement. Our résumé boasts 15 years of hands-on corporate experience, partnerships and
service provision to small scale businesses all the way to JSE Listed Companies. We pride
ourselves in our ability and capacity to handle jobs of all sizes from genesis to prosperity.
Our commitment to our customers is one of guaranteed: Consistency, proficiency, industry
leading and tailor-made products and services, delivering on time, fair and market related prices
and (pre, during and post service) customer care.

You’re in good company

Here are some of the projects we have had the opportunity to make our mark on