Pheme Consulting is a partnership built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, a project management business inspired by big ideas and a stakeholder engagement specialist operating on the basis of proficiency, transparency and accountability.

Our Vision

We see ourselves becoming an industry leading socio-economic development partner whose influence and capacity will be evident within government, community and the private sector.

Our Mission

We aim to provide unique socio-economic development consultancy services resulting in exponential growth and measurable success for community based projects, Government initiatives and Projects and privately owned businesses.

Our Ethos

We intimately familiarise ourselves with our customer’s current status and future aspirations
through FREE one-on-one consultations.

– Analyse current trends and educate our partners.
– Analyse resources available at our disposal.
– Forge unique and measurable solutions.
– Implement strategies and reappraise.
– Ensure standardisation and sustainability measures are in place.