Enterprise Development

In 2016, Pheme Consulting in partnership with DaBizDr developed a unique Enterprise
Development Program called The LaBP Guide. The LaBP Guide is a program designed to teach
and guide entrepreneurs into establishing and leading successful businesses from inception to
prosperous and formidable operations.
Focussing on 5 pillars of running a successful business, the LaBP Guide is designed in a
summarised manner so that it can be easy to understand and to apply in any kind of business.
The success of this program is evident in all our customers’ businesses. We have brought about,
the culture of running professional businesses in a space that had for far too long being

The LaBP Guide further assists businesses with Organizational Design and Accountable
Administration. 9 out of 10 small businesses that we have consulted for since 2016 has either
had Organizational Design or Administrative challenges or both.
It is through this program therefore, that we provide comprehensive Business Development and
management services.

Our Ad Hoc Products and Services includes amongst others:

1. Intellectual Property Design and Registration.
2. Company Registration and Compliance including compliance with SARS and Labour.
3. Organogram Design.
4. Business Legal Guidelines.
5. Financial Systems and Management tools.
6. Operational Management (HR, Systems and Infrastructure)
7. Marketing Programs and Tools