Business Overview


Pheme Consulting

is a partnership build by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, a project manager inspired by big ideas and a community guardian operating on the basis of transparency and accountability.

We are a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals providing Enterprise Development, Project Management and Community Liaison Solutions tailor-made to fit dovetail into and upscale the needs of our clients and partners.

Inspired by the stories of the Kings and Queens of Africa, we maintain a Gold Standard in all our advances with a strict focus on elevating our customers and partners to new horizons.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be outstanding as the socio-economic partner whose influence and capacity is one to be reckoned with by Governments, Communities and the Private Sector.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We aim to provide inimitable socio-economic consultancy services resulting in exponential growth and measurable success for community based projects and businesses.

Our Ethos

  • We intimately familiarise ourselves with our customers’ current status and future aspirations through FREE one-on-one consultations;
  • Analyse current trends and educate our partners;
  • Analyse resources available at our disposal;
  • Forge unique and measurable solutions;
  • Implement strategies, reappraise and
  • Put in place, standardization and sustainability measures

Our People


Pheme Consulting was founded by Mr Patrick Moraka famously know as DaBizDr (The Business Doctor), a seasoned entrepreneur who started his business life straight after matric. Mr Moraka earned his nick name of DaBizDr from his trade as a business consultant, mentor, public speaker and an occasional MC.

To serve our customers with precision and to make sure that our every move is a perfectly thought and executed, we adopt only the finest. We are further inclined to promote gender and age balance and lead the way in empowering our team every opportunity we ge

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1. Enterprise Development

Our Vision

Pheme Consulting is a partnership build for entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We have designed and patented a unique enterprise development program called “The LaBP Guide”. We have, through the LaBP Guide’s innovative business formation strategies, developed Pheme Consulting itself and numerous of our own subsidiaries covering a wide spectra of industries and that includes: Farming, Food and Beverages, Printing and Branding, Events Management and Cleaning/Hygiene Services and Products. We have also contributed in the formation, enhancement and facelifting of over 100 organizations most of which we started with at conceptualization phase. Therefore thus, we provide end-to-end enterprise development solutions from Genesis to Prosperity!

Key Services


  • Corporate Identity and Business Planing
  • Legal Formation
  • Financial Structure and Systems
  • Operations and Business Systems
  • Marketing Plan and Processes


  • Coaching and Advisory
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Training
  • Product Knowledge
  • Customer Relations


  • Name Reservation
  • Company Registration
  • Annual Returns
  • Name and Address Changes
  • Company Declarations
  • Patents


  • UIF company and employee registration
  • Compliance
  • Annual returns
  • Name and Address Changes
  • Workman Compensation

Our Subsidiaries

Bhassa Hygiene Systems was founded in 2007 by Mr Patrick Moraka to become the leading service provider in its industry to serve specifically peri-urban developments. Derived from a Xitsonga word “Basa” which means white/clean, the key values of Bhassa Hygiene Systems have always been: To give retail developments in rural and peri-urban area the spotless clean status found the up-market and high LSM areas. At the beginning of 2018, we introduced our new facelifted corporate identity embodying a methodology of an all-year-round clean environment represented by two coloured leaf with lime representing Spring and Summer and Orange representing Autumn and Winter. Some of our customers includes Mowana Properties and the JSE Listed Exemplar Reit (McCormick Property Development). Our current staff complement is 96 employees.

Purple Press is currently the leading Printing and Branding business to come out of Tembisa with a remarkable profile including designing more than 100 corporate identity packages which are all currently trading business and printing for large brands such as Pepkor Group, BetterBets and Tembisa Plaza. Also founded by Mr Patrick Moraka in 2013 replacing Purple Print which was founded in 2009 and later re-branded to Purple Press. We strive to grow our brand into a franchised chain store giving opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs to own or co-own a renowned brand in their area residence. Purple Press was featured on page 73 of the Franchise Association of South Africa’s supplier manual of 2015 and exhibited at the Franchise and Opportunity Expo of the same year.

Purple Nutrition was founded in 2013 to become an end-to-end supply chain management company in the Farming and Food and Beverages industries. In 2016 we launched our first Restaurant Brand “Taste Cabin” which later got open in Tembisa at Lifateng Section. The long-term vision of Purple Nutrition is to provide product distribution and access to markets for small scale farmers by creating demand through a chain of fast food and dinning restaurants across the country. We are currently in the process of acquiring a piece of land in the North West which will serve as a small scale green house farming benchmark project and it is out of that project that we will provide skills development programs.

Taste Cabin is the first benchmark restaurant to be founded by Purple Nutrition. Based in Tembisa at Lifateng Section opposite Limindlela Train Station, Taste Cabin provides inimitable and exceptional semi-seating fast food experience. Our Menu includes: Flame Grilled Chicken, Stuffed Wraps, African cuisine such as mogodu and others and dining meals including beef and chicken stew. We endeavour to grow this brand into a house-hold name found at all shopping malls and centres in rural, semiurban and urban areas. Taste Cabin will also be giving franchise opportunities making it a brand to be reckoned with for intermediate and advanced entrepreneurs.


Our Vision

Pheme Consulting is a project manager inspired by big ideas. Long before Pheme Consulting’s formation, Mr Patrick Moraka had been involved in the foundation and management of a variety of projects including the establishment of all our current businesses and their subsidiaries. We later harnessed these skills and incorporated them into our products and services mix.

Pheme Consulting and all its subsidiaries have operated in peri-urban area for most of their existence. This intimate relationship with our communities has allowed us to be the gate-way for medium to large sized enterprises wanting to bring their services closer to communities. We have also led they way in the formation of community based projects from Early Childhood Development to enterprise development

Key Services

Initiation and Planning

  • Conceptualizationg
  • Targets and time lines
  • Available and required resources
  • Cost management

Execution and Monitoring

  • Organogram design and skills analysis
  • Management team key performance areas
  • Execution reappraisals
  • Financial management
  • Project impact analysis
  • Interim progress reports

Project Closure

  • Financial report
  • Project Impact reports
  • Project wind down
  • Future prospects analysis


Our Vision

Pheme Consulting is a community guardian operating on the basis of transparency and accountability. “The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food”: - Dean Ornish. Corporate South Africa has for years had the need to engage with communities however, without a structured, regulated and equipped liaison organ, the connection between the two remains almost impossible.

Pheme Consulting has been leading the way in connecting communities with Corporate South Africa and vice versa. In 2017, we facilitated a R850 000.00 partnership between 300 creches in Ivory Park East of Midrand and LEGO Company South Africa. We have facilitated and managed other initiatives delivering education, training and support to various communities.

Key Services

Project Implementation

  • Target Market analysis
  • Community Segmentation
  • Community and Political Engagement
  • Project Reports and impact analysis

Skills Development

  • Need Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Employment Placements
  • Impact Analysis


  • Cost Analysis
  • Financial Systems Design and Development
  • Cashflows and Budget Management
  • Financial Reports


In July 2017, we were appointed as the promotion and campaigning partner for Ikeja which is currently rolling out affordable WiFi packages in Tembisa. Our responsibilities included outdoor advertising, digital advertising and setting-up of sales kiosks in malls and shopping centres.

At the beginning of 2018, Ikeja had become a house hold name with its branding appearing within every 200 square meter radius in Tembisa.

In August 2017, we were appointed by HearX Group based in Pretoria East to manage a child hearing and vision screening project in Tembisa and Ivory Park. The purpose of the project is to assist in establishing at early childhood level if a child may be suffering from either one of the two challenges.

By December 2017, we had already screened over 700 children with a little under 50 referred for further diagnostics and medical intervention. HearX Group had been running similar projects in other areas like Mamelodi in Pretoria and we have been awarded the Best Project Manager by both HearX Group and Diageo who are the financiers of the project.

On the 8th March 2018 we hosted in association withHearX Group, World Health Organization, Ekurhuleni Health Department (Audiologists and Pretoria University, the first World Hearing Day event in Ekurhuleni Municipality.

On This day, we managed to screen over 200 adults where 35 were referred for further diagnostic and treatment. We will be hosting this event every year with more support from NGO’s and government with the aim to reach-out to other communities

In May 2017, we facilitated a R850 000.00 worth a donation from Lego Company South Africa to 300 creches and pre-schools in Ivory Park and the surrounding areas. The project included product use training, 1 year support and impact analysis.

This project was delivered with such precision that LEGO has vouched to extend it into 2020 with an aim to make Educational Lego part of the Early Childhood Development curriculum. Working with an organization we have helped to turn-around and up-scale, we were instrumental in introducing and welcoming LEGO in to the area.

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